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BGMI for Android and iOS Users Announced By Krafton in India – New Nusa Map, Events, and Skins

BGMI has been made accessible to all Android and iOS users in India, as stated by Krafton. So, Krafton has announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) can now be played by Android and iOS users in India.

But, his development follows the company’s rollout of a staggered update on May 29th, with the promise of making it available to all users within 48 hours. However, this news is particularly noteworthy because Krafton has managed to release the highly anticipated update ahead of schedule.

BGMI for Android and iOS Users Announced

The BGMI application can be downloaded from both the Google Play store and the App Store at this moment. And, we have confirmed this by testing it with 10 users in our office. This latest update, version 2.5 of BGMI, introduces several exciting additions, including a new map called Nusa, in-game events, upgraded weaponry, and fresh skins.

So, Nusa is a picturesque resort island situated in a tropical region, making it the smallest expansion to BGMI’s map selection. Game sessions on this map have a duration of eight minutes. The map update also brings novel features, such as the introduction of Ziplines, facilitating swift traversal of the island.

Furthermore, the upcoming map in BGMI will introduce an intriguing feature known as Super Recall. In duo or squad mode, if a player is eliminated within a specific timeframe. Their surviving teammates have the ability to revive them and bring them back into the battle. Upon revival, the player will receive a random weapon, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay.

Moreover, the update will introduce a fresh addition in the form of a Tactical Crossbow, allowing BGMI players to employ strategic bow and arrow tactics. Furthermore, players will have the ability to set houses ablaze using fire arrows. Injecting an element of chaos into the gameplay. Additionally, a brand-new lightweight and fast two-seater off-road ATV will be at the players’ disposal for swift navigation of the terrain.

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