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Boat Wanderer Smartwatch for Kids: A Must-Have Wearable for Parents With SOS | Buy Now At ₹4,999

The BoAt Wanderer Smartwatch is a durable and feature-packed wearable designed exclusively for kids. With GPS tracking, real-time communication, and enhanced safety features, it ensures parents can keep their child safe and connected. Pre-order now!

So, BoAt has recently introduced the Boat Wanderer Smartwatch, a groundbreaking wearable device specifically designed for children. This innovative smartwatch is equipped with advanced features like Geo-Fencing and an in-built GPS, providing parents with the ultimate tracking solution to monitor their kids’ whereabouts.

Boat Wanderer Smartwatch Specifications And Features

The Wanderer Smartwatch boasts a durable design that can withstand the active lifestyle of children. It is available in vibrant Aqua and Coral shades, adding a touch of style to its ruggedness. With an impressive IP68 Waterproof rating, this smartwatch is ready to accompany your child on any adventure.

Navigating through the features of the Wanderer Smartwatch is effortless, thanks to its user-friendly 1.4-inch full-touch HD display. The smartwatch offers various functionalities such as Step Tracking, Find My Watch, and a versatile Multi-purpose Clock, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, its battery life of up to 2 days ensures uninterrupted usage throughout the day.

One of the standout features of the Wanderer Smartwatch is its ability to keep you connected with your child no matter where you are in the world. Through high-definition video and voice calls, you can easily stay in touch. The smartwatch also provides features like Voice Monitoring, Auto Answer, and Unknown Call Restriction, giving you complete control over your child’s activities.

With built-in 4G SIM connectivity, the Wanderer Smartwatch allows your child to stay connected with you and their friends at all times. Real-time text and voice messaging features enable seamless communication, ensuring your child is just a tap away from loved ones.

The smartwatch is equipped with a 2-megapixel front camera, enabling your child to capture their favorite childhood moments. The in-built GPS feature allows you to keep track of your child’s real-time location, providing peace of mind and ensuring their safety. The smartwatch updates its location every 5 minutes, providing accurate information.

Safety is a top priority, and the Wanderer Smartwatch offers enhanced safety features. Geo-fencing allows you to set virtual boundaries around specific zones, and real-time alerts notify you if your child enters or exits these zones. In emergencies, the SOS alert function is readily available, allowing you to take immediate action.

Boat Wanderer Smartwatch Price And Availability

The BoAt Wanderer Smartwatch will be launched on May 20th at 12 PM via Amazon India. With a launch price of ₹4,999, this exceptional device is a must-have for ensuring your child’s safety and staying connected with them at all times.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the future of wearable technology with the BoAt Wanderer Smartwatch. Pre-order yours today and embark on a journey of peace of mind and connectivity.


Overall, the Boat Wanderer Smart Kids Smartwatch is a comprehensive wearable device that ensures your child’s safety, health, and entertainment. It combines essential communication features with advanced tracking capabilities and additional functionalities, making it an ideal companion for your child.


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