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boAt Xtend Smartwatch Review: Best Smart Watch With Decent Specs

Recently, we got our hands on the boAt Xtend smartwatch, priced at Rs 2,999, and used it for over a week. This budget-friendly watch boasts features such as Amazon Alexa, SpO2 monitoring, and 14 workout modes, making it stand out from the plethora of fitness bands available in the category.

We’re curious to see how the Warranty compete against its competitors and if it can establish its unique identity in this category. Read our honest review to find out!

boAt Xtend: Full Specifications

boAt Xtend: Design & Build Quality

The boAt Xtend smartwatch is designed with both style and functionality in mind. It features a sleek, square-shaped frame with flat sides and curved edges, reminiscent of the Apple Watch. The addition of a circular crown on the right side makes UI navigation a breeze.

Despite its affordable price point, the smartwatch looks and feels premium. The golden coating on the sides and soft silicone straps lend it an air of sophistication. Plus, the watch is waterproof up to 5 ATM, making it ideal for use during workouts or even swimming.

For those who value aesthetics, the smartwatch comes in a variety of eye-catching colors, including Charcoal Black, Deep Blue, Olive Green, and Sandy Cream. We reviewed the Pitch Black edition, which features a black finish with a golden coating, and found the color combination to be quite striking.

But looks aren’t everything – comfort is key, and this smartwatch does not disappoint. We wore it for an entire day during the review period without experiencing any discomfort. At a super-lightweight, this device is an absolute pleasure to wear.

boAt Xtend: Display & Brightness

The boAt Xtend boasts a large 1.69-inch LCD square display with thin bezels around the corners. The thin bezels allow for a larger display to fit into a budget smartwatch, making it visually appealing. The display automatically turns off after 20 seconds, but you can adjust this to your liking.

One of the best things about the display is that it does not attract fingerprints or smudges easily, even without an additional coating. The smartwatch has 5 different brightness levels, and it can detect lighting conditions and adjust the brightness accordingly.

However, while the indoor brightness is quite good, the display is difficult to read in bright sunlight, making it unusable on a sunny day. We had to strain to check the time on the watch.

The boAt Wave app provides access to 50 watch faces, but on the watch itself, you only get 5 options. However, the app has an impressive collection of watch faces, including the astronaut watch face, which we found particularly appealing. If you cannot find a watch face you like, you can still set a custom photo as the wallpaper on the watch.

To turn on the screen, you can either touch it or raise your wrist. The ‘raise to wake’ function works well and activates the screen within seconds. Overall, the display of the smartwatch is impressive, but the outdoor brightness could use some improvement.

boAt Xtend: Interface, Features, and Fitness Monitoring

The boAt Xtend is a smartwatch packed with various features such as stress monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and Amazon Alexa, making it a great choice for fitness enthusiasts. However, the user interface of the watch is sluggish and touch response is not up to par, often requiring more than one touch to register.

Notifications can be viewed by swiping up, while swiping down displays battery level with options such as DND, raise to wake, brightness level, and find phone. There is a crown button on the right side that leads to the menu tab, offering plenty of options like Breath training, Weather, Music, Stopwatch, Alarm, and more. The smartwatch can receive call alerts and reject them, as well as control music.

The smartwatch also has health-based features, which matches well with other smartwatches in this price range. The heart rate and SpO2 measurements were very similar to the Amazfit Bip U. The smartwatch also has 14 different sport modes, including hiking, cricket, swimming, and elliptical. However, the step count accuracy is not always reliable, as it counted significantly fewer steps than what was actually taken.

One useful feature of the smartwatch is Amazon Alexa, although there are some limitations to its usage. The device needs to be connected to a phone with the internet turned on, and only basic questions can be asked. Overall, the smartwatchf is a great budget smartwatch with several fitness features, although the sluggish UI and touch response may be a downside for some users.

boAt Xtend: boAt Wave App

boAt has made it easy to connect your boAt Xtend smartwatch to your phone through their dedicated boAt Wave app available on both Google Play Store and App Store. When setting up the watch for the first time, simply scan the QR code on the app to connect. During the setup process, the app will ask for your basic information including your height and weight.

Once connected, the app will check for any firmware updates and provide a detailed view of your health information and previous sports activities. You can even start a sports activity directly from the app. A great feature of the app is that it sends you a weekly health report card with an abundance of health data about the user. Keep in mind that during my review period, I received two firmware updates, ensuring that the device remains up to date.

boAt Xtend: Battery & Charging

The boAt Xtend boasts a powerful 300mAh battery, and according to the company, it can last up to seven days on normal usage and five days on heavy usage. It takes approximately two hours to charge the battery fully using the magnetic points on the back of the watch.

During my review period, I used the smartwatch without connecting it to my phone most of the time, with auto brightness and notifications enabled, automatic heart rate monitoring, and 30 minutes of daily workouts. To my surprise, it lasted for eight to nine days, one day more than the company’s claim. This is a something best battery life for a smartwatch in this price segment, and you can compare it with other smartwatches in the same category.

Is boAt Xtend Worth At This Price Point?

The boAt Xtend is an affordable smartwatch priced at Rs 2,999 that offers a lot of features for its price. The watch has a large display with cool watch faces, but the outdoor brightness is low, and the UI is a bit sluggish. However, it does come with the built-in Amazon Alexa which is a plus point. The sleep tracking is a bit flawed but it does monitor heart rate and blood oxygen levels fairly well.

The boAt Xtend offers a decent battery life, lasting up to 7 days on normal usage and up to 5 days on heavy usage, but the charging speed could have been faster. Although there are a few compromises, the boAt Xtend is a good choice for those looking for a budget smartwatch with many features.


What are the features of the boAt Xtend smartwatch?

The boAt Xtend smartwatch has features such as Amazon Alexa, SpO2 monitoring, and 14 workout modes.

What is the price of the boAt Xtend smartwatch?

The boAt Xtend smartwatch is priced at Rs 2,999.

Is the boAt Xtend smartwatch waterproof?

Yes, the boAt Xtend smartwatch is waterproof up to 5 ATM, making it ideal for use during workouts or even swimming.

What are the fitness features of the boAt Xtend smartwatch?

The boAt Xtend smartwatch has features such as stress monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and 14 different sport modes.

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