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Samsung Will Not Upgrade 10MP Selfie Camera Of Galaxy Z Flip 5: Will It Affect Your Purchase Decision?

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 may not come with an upgraded selfie camera, according to recent reports. The South Korean tech giant is expected to retain the 10MP front camera found on the previous Galaxy Z Flip 4. It’s unclear whether the new model will feature the same sensor as its predecessor or if it will come equipped with a new 10MP camera.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Could Feature the Same 10MP Selfie Camera as the Flip 4

Since the launch of the first Galaxy Z Flip model in 2020, Samsung has consistently used a 10MP selfie camera for its Flip series foldables. While the company has made several changes to the phones over the years, the front camera has remained unchanged. Earlier, it was expected that the company would upgrade the selfie camera for the new model.

However, Samsung has reportedly decided not to upgrade the front camera for the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Instead, the company will continue to use a 10MP selfie camera. Although there’s no confirmation whether it’s the same sensor as last year’s model, it’s unlikely that Samsung will introduce a new one.

The Company May Have Improved Image Quality with Better Camera Software and Optimizations

Samsung might have improved the image quality of the selfie camera on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 by incorporating better camera software and other optimizations. The company could make things clearer over the next few weeks as more leaks surface about the upcoming foldable phone.

Rear Cameras Can Double Up as Selfie Shooters

While the 10MP selfie camera found on Samsung’s Flip series foldables isn’t as good as the ones found on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series flagships, it’s not a significant issue. This is because the foldable phones come with a secondary display on the outside, allowing users to take selfies with the rear cameras. Rear cameras generally have better aperture, autofocus technology, resolution, and image quality than front-facing ones.

Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Bigger Cover Display Can Make Taking Selfies Easier

With the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung is reportedly increasing the size of the cover display to 3.4 inches, making it much easier to capture selfies using the rear cameras. While an upgrade to the selfie camera would have been a nice addition, the unchanged sensor is unlikely to be a deal-breaker.

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