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Netflix Plans to Introduce Targeted Ads, Revolutionizing Streaming Experience

So, Netflix is planning to add targeted ads to its streaming service. The company has been discussing this idea with ad executives at the Cannes Lions festival. Instead of showing the same ads repeatedly, Netflix wants to divide them into episodes. They will keep track of which episodes viewers have seen and show the next one at the right time. The ads will be based on the type of content users are watching. This is good news for viewers who are tired of seeing the same ad over and over again on different streaming services.

Netflix is also considering showing different ads for different shows. For example, if you’re watching a popular Netflix show like Bojack Horseman, you might see ads during breaks, but not if you’re watching a different genre like a thriller series. This is similar to how ads are placed on traditional TV, but Netflix can target its ads more precisely.

The idea of dividing ads into episodes has excited advertisers. They can create a series of ads and make sure viewers see them in the right order. This opens up new possibilities for creative storytelling in advertising.

Targeted ads are becoming an important source of revenue for Netflix. According to an advertising expert, the company now makes more money per user from ads than from subscriptions. This shows how important targeted advertising has become for Netflix.

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