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Exciting News for Nothing Phone 1 Users: Early Access to Android 14 Beta 1 is Here!

Exciting news for Nothing Phone 1 users! The innovative smartphone, which made waves with its transparent back panel and glyph interface, is set to be among the first non-Google smartphones to receive early access to Android 14 Beta 1. This recent announcement by @Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing, has left many users eager to experience the latest Android update.

In July 2022, Nothing made headlines with the release of its first-ever smartphone, Nothing Phone 1. The device boasts unique features such as a dot matrix font and price-competitive hardware. Its transparent back panel design also sets it apart from other smartphones in the market. And now, Nothing Phone 1 users have even more reason to be excited about their device.

Google Pixel smartphones are currently the only devices that have early access to Android 14 Beta 1. However, Nothing Phone 1 will soon join the ranks of these devices, offering users the opportunity to test out the latest Android update. While it is unclear when other non-Pixel smartphones will receive this update, Nothing Phone 1 users can look forward to experiencing Android 14 Beta 1 soon.

In a recent tweet, Carl Pei expressed his excitement about the upcoming update, stating, “Early access to Android 14 Beta 1 just dropped. Thanks @Android and @Google, very excited about what Nothing has coming in 2023”. It is clear that Nothing has big plans for the future, and this update is just the beginning.

Overall, this announcement is great news for Nothing Phone 1 users who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest Android update. With its innovative design and competitive pricing, Nothing Phone 1 is certainly a device to watch in the coming months.

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