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Panasonic AZ40M2 TWS Headphones in China With LDAC Decoding & ANC Launched

So, Panasonic has launched the AZ40M2 headphones in China under its Technics audio brand. These headphones come in gold, black, and silver colors. And. feature LDAC decoding and active noise cancellation.

Panasonic AZ40M2 Specifications

So, the Panasonic AZ40M2 headphones support LE Audio’s LC3 encoding, which improves call quality in weak signal areas. They can be connected to multiple devices via Bluetooth and have a fast switching mechanism between sources. The headphones are designed to fit securely and have active noise cancellation. They also come with a companion mobile app that allows for custom settings and helps locate misplaced devices.

Compared to its predecessor, the AZ40, the Panasonic AZ40M2 offers several improvements. The AZ40M2 now includes ANC, which blocks external noise and provides a more immersive experience. It also has a digital software filter and feedforward microphone to reduce environmental noise. The earbuds use beamforming technology and have dual MEMS microphones for clear conversations.

Also, the Technics AZ40M2 headphones can be controlled through the Technics Audio Connect app. They have different ambient sound modes, including natural and attention modes. With a single charge, the battery and charging case can provide up to 24 hours of playback time.

Price And Availability

Talking about its price and availability, then the Panasonic AZ40M2 TWS headphones are now available for purchase in China on for 999 yuan (~$139).

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