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Nothing Collaborates with Swedish House Mafia for Exclusive Sound Pack on Phone (2)

Nothing has teamed up with the renowned music group Swedish House Mafia to create an exclusive sound pack for their upcoming Phone (2). The company recently released a teaser video showcasing the Glyph Composer. A unique feature that allows users to personalize and remix custom sounds designed by the Swedish House Mafia.

The Glyph Composer, featured in the video, displays an array of LED Glyphs on the phone’s back. By tapping on different pads, users can not only illuminate different parts of the Glyphs. But also access distinctive new sounds produced in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia. This means you can create your own personalized Glyph Ringtone, adding a touch of individuality to your phone.

It’s important to note that this exciting feature won’t be limited to the Phone (2) alone. Once Nothing OS 2.0 is released in August 2023, users of the Phone (1) will also be able to enjoy the benefits of the Glyph Composer and the exclusive sound pack.

Interestingly, the teaser video also provides a sneak peek at the rear design of the Phone (2). The Glyph pattern on the back has undergone a subtle change, while the corners of the upcoming device appear to be flatter compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, the new smartphone boasts a larger form factor and improved specifications, promising an enhanced user experience.

For those eagerly anticipating the launch, mark your calendars for July 11, as we will be covering the event in detail. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Nothing’s collaboration with Swedish House Mafia and the highly anticipated Phone (2).

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Md Isteyaj
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