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Google Takes Legal Action Against Fake Reviews Scam

Google is fighting back against scammers who deceive consumers with fake reviews and listings. So, they have launched a legal case to protect businesses and users from fraudulent operations. Google wants to send a strong message that they will not tolerate the misuse of their platform.

The scammer being targeted in this case created more than 350 fake Business Profiles and wrote over 14,000 fake reviews. They even tried to make money by selling information about unsuspecting consumers. Although Google swiftly removed the deceptive content, they are now taking proactive legal action to prevent this scammer from victimizing other platforms and to keep their users safe.

Fake reviews can have serious consequences as consumers rely on them to make decisions. According to a survey by the Federal Trade Commission, people lose an average of $125 each year due to inaccurate reviews.

To combat these scammers, Google uses a combination of human monitoring and technology. In 2022, they protected over 185,000 businesses and stopped 20 million attempts to create fake Business Profiles.

Renny Hwang, Google’s Head of Litigation, said they work tirelessly to stay ahead of scammers and protect small businesses. Also, they monitor their products 24/7 using people and technology.

Google is committed to prioritizing trust and safety for businesses and consumers. So, they will continue to take legal action and invest in technology to ensure the information on their platforms is reliable. By fighting against fake review scams, Google aims to create a secure online environment for everyone.

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