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Realme’s Sub-Brand DIZO Faces Possible Shutdown Amidst Realignment to Narzo – Latest Updates

So, Realme may shutdown its sub-brand DIZO following the resignation of CEO Abhilash Panda. This move indicates a larger restructuring within the brand, just two years after the launch of DIZO.

In 2021, Realme generated excitement with the introduction of the DIZO sub-brand. DIZO released a range of products, including Bluetooth neckbands, hair dryers, trimmers, TWS earbuds, feature phones, and smartwatches. Since 2021, this brand has launched 17 smartwatches, 13 Bluetooth audio accessories, a hair dryer, three feature phones, and three hair trimmers.

DIZO made an impressive impact within its first year, with CEO Panda. And, claiming it was one of India’s top smartwatch maker, based on Counterpoint Research. However, recent events suggest a decline in DIZO’s fortunes. As Panda stepped down and Realme distanced itself from the brand without making official statements.

Panda’s resignation may lead to DIZO’s shutdown, as the entire media communications team has recently left. Realme has not addressed the potential shutdown. But, they assure customers of continued software support and after-sales assistance for all DIZO’s products. In April, Realme announced a restructure of its Techlife brand, now under the Narzo sub-brand. DIZO might be integrated into Narzo, providing a seamless support ecosystem for users. The impact of DIZO’s failure on Realme remains unknown.

Concerns arise that the Narzo brand could suffer a similar fate. To address these concerns, Realme needs to respond promptly and clarify its future plans to dispel negative speculation.

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