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Samsung Galaxy S23: Is Wireless Charging Slow Than expected? – Amzing Results Explained

If you are a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S23, you might have noticed that its wireless charging speeds are slower than expected. While Samsung’s latest flagship phone series boasts of speed and performance, early adopters have found that the wireless charging feature does not match up to expectations. According to a detailed comparison by Phone Arena, the Galaxy S22 charges faster than its 2023 counterpart, despite having pretty much the same wireless charging speeds.

In this article, we will delve deeper into why the Samsung Galaxy S23’s wireless charging speeds may not be as fast as expected. We will explore the wireless charging speeds of the Galaxy S23 series and discuss possible explanations for slower charging. Finally, we will also look at how third-party charging pads can impact the wireless charging speeds of Samsung’s latest flagship phones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Wireless Charging Comparison

The Phone Arena comparison reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra takes about 40 minutes longer to charge wirelessly from 1-100% than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Similarly, the Galaxy S23 Plus takes about 15 minutes longer, while the Galaxy S23 takes approximately 16 minutes longer. These findings are surprising, considering Samsung’s emphasis on speed and performance on its latest smartphones.

Possible Explanations for Slower Charging Speeds

One possible explanation for the slower charging speed is Samsung’s concern about heat dissipation. The company’s documentation states that the Samsung Galaxy S23 includes “an enhanced level of heat dissipation” to prevent overheating. However, this does not fully explain why the last-generation flagship, featuring the same battery size and wireless charging tech as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, can recharge faster than the newer model at the same charging speed.

Another factor could be Samsung’s decision to prioritize the safety and longevity of its flagship phones. Heat dissipation is a critical issue for modern-day phone makers, and Samsung may have made a conscious decision to slow down the wireless charging speeds to ensure that the phones do not overheat.

Impact of Third-Party Charging Pads on Wireless Charging Speeds

It is worth noting that 15W wireless charging is not the fastest standard available. Brands like OnePlus have been offering 50W wireless charging for a couple of years now. Moreover, Samsung’s 15W fast wireless charging is only available on the company’s own chargers. Customers using third-party charging pads may experience slower charging speeds. Even if the third-party charger supports 15W charging, the speeds may be capped at 10W due to compatibility issues.

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