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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to Feature Larger Screen Size: Leak

Samsung is set to release its newest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, with a larger screen size than its predecessor, according to a tweet from well-known leaker, Ice Universe (@UniverseIce). The device is expected to have a 1.47-inch screen, which is 0.7 inch larger than the 1.4-inch display on the Galaxy watch 5 Pro. Users will have a better watching experience with a larger display because more text and images can be presented, making it simpler to access applications, alerts, and other functions.

The Importance of Balance

While a larger screen size may enhance the overall user experience, Samsung must balance it with the device’s comfort and design. An excessively large display can make the smartwatch too bulky and difficult to wear comfortably. Samsung is reportedly experimenting with its smartwatch screens to determine what its customers prefer.

Galaxy Watch 6 Improved Features and Specifications

Aside from the larger screen size, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is also expected to have a rotating bezel, a popular feature among smartwatch users. The watch will run on One UI Watch software and have several features such as an accelerometer, barometer, blood pressure monitoring, ECG, GPS, gyro, heart rate sensor, magnetic sensor, sleep tracking, and stress measurement. The watch will also have an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance and will support LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Samsung Pay, and wireless charging.

While the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic’s features and specifications are impressive, battery life is not expected to see a significant improvement from previous models.


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is set to have a larger screen size, improved features and specifications, and a rotating bezel. With its One UI Watch software and range of features, it is set to be a popular choice for smartwatch enthusiasts. However, Samsung must balance the size of the display with the overall comfort and design of the device.

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