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TCL Unveils World’s First 57.1-Inch Dual 4K Curved Gaming Display with a 240Hz Refresh Rate

TCL CSOT, a leading display manufacturer, has made an exciting announcement at the AWE 2023 exhibition in Shanghai, China. The brand unveiled the world’s first 57.1-inch DUHD 240Hz R1000 curved gaming display, taking gaming displays to a new level. TCL’s curved gaming display stands on an aluminum frame and boasts top-notch technology.

The Rise of Curved Displays

Samsung and other manufacturers have introduced curved displays, making them increasingly popular. The Odyssey G7 C27G7 from Samsung is one example of these displays. However, TCL has taken things further with its massive 57.1-inch curved panel.

Top-Notch Technology

TCL CSOT proudly announced that its display is the result of self-developed HVA technology, in collaboration with VD’s high-end algorithm IP. This collaboration led to the creation of the world’s first 57-inch R1000 8K high-end gaming curved screen, with a maximum resolution of 7840×2160, also known as DUHD (Dual 4K). The display offers a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz, making it one of the fastest displays in the market.

Fast Response Time and Comprehensive Eye Protection

The display offers a fast 1ms response time, ensuring smooth gaming experiences. It is compatible with both FreeSync and G-Sync and incorporates SAGLR 42% high haze and low reflection technology, providing comprehensive eye protection for better vision health. The display also has a sleek look with a minimal thickness of only 13.4mm and minimal bezels on three sides.


TCL’s world’s first 57.1-inch DUHD 240Hz R1000 curved gaming display is a game-changer, offering gamers a smooth and immersive gaming experience. The display boasts top-notch technology and comprehensive eye protection, making it an excellent investment for gamers who value performance and vision health.

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