You are currently viewing Zebronics Zeb Pods-1: Affordable ANC-Enabled TWS Earbuds | Power-Packed Audio Experience with ANC At Rs 1,499

Zebronics Zeb Pods-1: Affordable ANC-Enabled TWS Earbuds | Power-Packed Audio Experience with ANC At Rs 1,499

Zebronics has recently launched its latest addition to the audio market: the Zebronics Zeb Pods-1. These cutting-edge truly wireless earbuds boast impressive features while maintaining an affordable price tag. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable release.

Zebronics Zeb Pods-1: All Features and specifications

Zebronics’ Zeb Pods-1, introduced shortly after the launch of the Zeb-Smart Cam 105, comes equipped with powerful 13mm dynamic drivers and is designed with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity in mind. However, the standout feature of these earbuds is undoubtedly the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology they offer, which is truly remarkable considering their price point.

This feature ensures an immersive and uninterrupted listening experience. Additionally, the Zeb Pods-1 supports popular voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri, providing users with added convenience and seamless control.

Aside from ANC, the Zeb Pods-1 also supports Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) specifically tailored for calls. This intelligent feature significantly reduces background noise, enabling clearer and more enjoyable conversations. With ENC, you can expect enhanced call quality, even in noisy environments.

Zebronics guarantees up to an impressive 28 hours of audio playback with ANC turned off, while enabling ANC will slightly reduce the battery life to 22 hours. Noteworthy additional features include touch controls for easy call and media management, as well as a dedicated Game Mode that minimizes latency to a mere 60ms. This mode ensures an optimal gaming experience with minimal delays.

The Zebronics’ Zeb Pods-1 exhibits a sleek and sophisticated design, available in a sleek black color variant. These earbuds are also splash-proof, offering added durability and peace of mind during outdoor activities.

Zebronics Zeb Pods-1: Design and Availability

The introductory price for the Zeb Pods-1 is an affordable 1,499 INR. Customers can purchase these remarkable earbuds from Zebronics’ official website and Amazon India. The initial sale is already underway, so seize the opportunity to own a pair of these outstanding wireless earbuds.

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