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FeaturePrint A New App To Fight Against Counterfeit Products

Empowering Users to Identify Genuine Products and Eliminate Counterfeits with FeaturePrint's AI Technology.

Counterfeit products have serious consequences for consumer. They put people’s health and safety at risk by failing to meet quality and safety standards. Whether it’s counterfeit medications with harmful ingredients or faulty electronics, consumers face potential dangers. Not only that, but they also suffer financial losses when they purchase or buy low-quality or fraudulent products without knowing. Moreover, counterfeit goods undermine trust in legitimate brands and have a negative impact on the economy. However, there is hope for the future. And, a mobile app called FeaturePrint might make it easier for users to spot counterfeit goods.

FeaturePrint App To Fight Against Counterfeit Products

So, FeaturePrint is an innovative app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can detect counterfeits with just a single photo. Developed by Alitheon, this app offers a simple yet effective solution to the counterfeit problem. By taking a photo using an iPhone, FeaturePrint analyzes and converts the surface details of an item into a unique mathematical identity.

Unlike traditional identification systems that rely on stickers, barcodes, or RFID tags, FeaturePrint’s machine vision and optical AI algorithms eliminate the need for these external proxies. And, the app ensures that the object itself becomes its own identifier, making it impossible to obscure or counterfeit. By preserving only the information that makes an item truly unique, FeaturePrint effortlessly distinguishes genuine products from counterfeits.

But, while FeaturePrint cannot definitively determine if a product is counterfeit, it serves as a reliable tool to confirm the authenticity of registered items. Alitheon provides FeaturePrint as a business-to-business solution, directly assisting customers. Though not available through smartphone app stores, the app has already gained interest from companies such as FAST Sneaks and the London Bullion Market Association.

And, with the alarming prevalence of counterfeit goods in the market, FeaturePrint’s arrival couldn’t be more timely. So, by leveraging AI technology to identify distinct features, this app holds great promise in protecting consumers and restoring trust in legitimate brands. Its streamlined and effective approach to combating counterfeiting sets it apart from traditional identification systems. FeaturePrint has the potential to reshape the future of anti-counterfeit measures.


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