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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Caught Falsifying Moon Photography Feature

Samsung, like many other mobile phone brands, has been known to exaggerate its features. However, a Reddit user recently exposed the fraudulent behavior of Samsung’s flagship model in taking pictures of the moon. The user shared images of a moon photo that was smaller in size and blurry when taken in normal lighting conditions. However, the same user turned off the lights and took a photo with the telephoto lens of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, resulting in a calculated and fine-tuned clear photo of the moon.

Samsung Moon Photography AI Needs Tuning

Samsung has added a “moon recognition engine” to its mobile phone, which, when used in combination with a high-magnification telephoto lens, can provide clear images of the moon. The camera’s AI will dim the screen brightness and specify the best brightness for optimal results. When the user presses the shutter, the camera automatically runs several calculations to provide a clear and bright photo of the moon.

The AI Algorithm Is the Problem, Not the Photos

While netizens have discovered a loophole in Samsung’s AI algorithm that can make blurry moon pictures clearer, it cannot be said that Samsung’s moon photos are terrible. The degree of acceptance varies from person to person.


While it is common for mobile phone brands to exaggerate their features, Samsung’s fraudulent behavior in taking pictures of the moon has been exposed. While Samsung’s AI algorithm needs tuning, the photos themselves are not necessarily bad. The degree of acceptance varies from person to person.


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