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WhatsApp for Windows Brings 8-Person Video Calls and Improved Performance

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service, has released a revamped version of its Windows app. With a new design that combines WhatsApp’s mobile apps’ design elements with the Fluent design elements of Windows, the new app feels more at home on Windows devices. Moreover, WhatsApp claims that the new app loads faster, making it more responsive than the older version.

The revamped app also features significant improvements in voice and video calling. The new app now supports voice calls with up to 32 people and video chats with up to 8 people at once. WhatsApp says that the limits will continue to increase over time, enabling even larger group calls.

Prior to this latest release, WhatsApp had already rolled out a redesigned app for Windows last year. This app was a significant visual overhaul compared to the web-based WhatsApp Desktop app, introducing improved multi-device functionality and the ability to send drawings by leveraging Windows Ink support. Today’s update is another refinement and comes with more under-the-hood improvements.

The new Windows app is now available to everyone. WhatsApp has also introduced a new app for macOS in beta, featuring similar improvements with an interface that feels more native to macOS. Meanwhile, Android tablet users can try an upgraded experience that is currently in beta testing. These improvements are a welcome development for WhatsApp.

As WhatsApp has always been a mobile-first application, the new improvements for desktop and tablet devices are highly appreciated, making it more convenient and accessible for users across multiple platforms. Furthermore, the multi-device improvements in WhatsApp provide a seamless and convenient experience, allowing users to connect with their accounts from different devices without any hassle.


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