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iPhone 14 Became The Best-Selling Model in the US – Surpassed iPhone 14 Pro Max

So, the iPhone 14 Standard Edition has become the best-selling iPhone model in the US, surpassing the iPhone 14 Pro Max. According to a recent report by JPMorgan Chase. The report is based on data from Wave7 Research in April 2023.

The survey focused on US operators and found that the iPhone’s 14 Standard Edition claimed a 19% market share. While the iPhone 14 Pro Max slipped to second place with an 18% market share. The market share of iPhone’s 14 Pro models decreased from 16% to 15%. Surprisingly, the iPhone 14 Plus, considered the least popular model, maintained a stable market share of 7%.

iPhone 14 Became The Best-Selling Model in the US

JPMorgan analysts also noted that the overall iPhone market share among the three major US operators increased significantly in April, reaching 67% compared to 61% in March.

While specific numbers for other iPhone models were not provided. Also, the report acknowledged the continued popularity of the iPhone 11, which is Apple’s main offering for prepaid sales.

This shift in iPhone sales highlights the ever-changing preferences of consumers. Apple’s success with the iPhone 14 Standard Edition demonstrates its ability to meet consumer demands and provide a compelling product.

So, it will be interesting to see how the sales landscape evolves throughout the year. And whether Apple can maintain its dominant position in the smartphone industry. With the upcoming release of the iPhone 15 lineup, featuring new features, innovations, and marketing strategies, the competition among smartphone manufacturers is expected to intensify.

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