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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max OLED Panel and 48MP Camera Sensor | No Major Changes Expected

iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored to feature M12 OLED panel, 48MP Sony IMX803 sensor, A17 Bionic chipset, 8GB LPDDR5 RAM, and potential periscope lens for enhanced zoom capabilities.

So, The upcoming iPhone 15 series is generating excitement as the unveiling approaches in approximately three months. And, the latest rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 Pro Max suggest that there won’t be any major alterations to its OLED panel and 48MP image sensor. Revegnus (@Tech-Reve), a reliable source, tweeted about the upcoming device.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Leaks

Now, according to Revegnus, Apple will continue using the same M12 OLED panel. Supplied by Samsung for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This means that the display is likely to remain unchanged. And, recent reports from Korea also indicate that Apple might adopt the M12 OLED panels for the entire iPhone 15 lineup. Which would be a welcome improvement, especially for those who prefer the non-Pro models. Additionally, Revegnus mentioned that the iPhone’s 15 Pro Max will retain the 48MP Sony IMX803 sensor also.

But, Earlier rumors suggested that the same 48MP sensor would also be present in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. However, it is important to note that the non-Pro models won’t have a telephoto camera. While, the 15 Pro Max is expected to introduce a periscope lens. Enabling optical zoom ability of 5x to 6x, surpassing the current 3x zoom.

And, revegnus’s tweet also provided insights into the internal features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The device, along with the iPhone 15 Pro, is expected to be powered by the A17 Bionic chipset. Manufactured using TSMC’s advanced 3nm process. And, the A16 Bionic SoC, powering the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, boasts 16 billion transistors. Indicating a significant increase to almost 18 billion to 20 billion transistors inside the A17 Bionic.

Also, the tweet revealed that the iPhone’s 15 Pro Max will feature 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM. An upgrade from the 6GB found in its successor. All four models of the iPhone 14 currently have 6GB of RAM, with the non-Pro variants using LPDDR4 and the Pro models utilizing the faster LPDDR5 version.

And, previous rumors have also mentioned the possibility of the 2023 iPhone models featuring the Dynamic Island shape-shifting. And multi-tasking notification system. While the Pro units might have a titanium body. Additionally, there are rumours that Apple could increase prices this year after keeping them consistent for the past few years. So, as we eagerly await the official announcement, stay tuned for more updates on the most awaited Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.


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