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After iPhone 15 Launch, Will Apple Discontinue iphone 12, 13 mini, and iphone 14 Pro?

Apple is all set to launch its much-awaited iPhone 15 series this year, and as per the trend, several older models are expected to be discontinued from Apple’s official website. This move is typically taken by the tech giant to prevent the sales of its newly launched models from being impacted. Even the latest models like iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro, and some others may face uncertainty following the launch of the iPhone 15 series.

Which iPhone models may face discontinuation?

The iPhone 12, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 14 Pro, and Pro Max are some of the models that are expected to be discontinued after the iPhone 15 series launch. Apple rarely keeps any iPhone for more than three years, and the iPhone 12, which was launched in 2020, is more likely to face the axe.

Apart from the iPhone 12, the Pro models like iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may also be on the discontinuation radar as Apple usually discontinues its Pro models after a year of sales. However, despite rumors that this year’s Pros will be the company’s bestsellers, the trend is likely to persist.

The iPhone 13 mini may also face discontinuation, as mini iPhones have not been very popular over the years. The iPhone 12 mini was discontinued just two years after its launch, and it is expected that the iPhone 13 mini will be removed from the product line-up.

What happens to these discontinued iPhones After iphone 15 Launch?

Discontinuation of iPhones simply means that Apple will not make them available for purchase on its website. However, you can still find them on several online retailers and e-commerce websites until the stock exists, and that too at very cheap rates.


In conclusion, the launch of the iPhone 15 series is likely to have an impact on the availability of some of the older iPhone models. The iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro, Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini may face discontinuation, and Apple will focus on selling its latest models. Despite this, you can still purchase these discontinued models from online retailers until the stock lasts. Stay tuned with HT Tech for the latest tech news and reviews.

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