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YouTube Goes Down Globally – Thousands Users Share Frustration On Twitter

YouTube Goes Down Globally

YouTube, the world’s largest online video sharing platform, experienced a global downtime recently, frustrating users across the globe. Several users reported issues while visiting the video platform, with many expressing frustration over the inability to access the video streaming platform.

According to Downdetector, an outage detecting website, the problems peaked at around 7:27 am on April 11, with 1,245 individuals reporting issues around that time. Users complained about having trouble accessing the website, viewing videos, and uploading content.

YouTube is home to over 2 billion monthly active users and has become a popular tool for content creators, with many making a living through the revenue generated from their videos on the site. The outage had wider implications for businesses that rely on YouTube for their marketing campaigns as many companies use the platform to advertise their products and services. With the platform down, they were unable to reach their target audience.

Although YouTube has not issued any formal statement on the outage yet, Twitter was flooded with messages about the issue. Meanwhile, YouTube had recently cautioned its users about an ongoing email phishing scam and alerted users on Twitter.

“We have received reports of a phishing attempt with as the sender. Please be careful and do not download or access any files if you receive this email,” YouTube tweeted. “The fraudulent email contains a video link claiming to provide information on changes to YouTube’s policies, with the description ‘Check the description.’ If you receive this email, it is likely a scam.”

In conclusion, YouTube’s global downtime caused a great deal of frustration among its users worldwide, but hopefully, the platform will soon be back up and 

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