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Bad News! YouTube Stories to Shut Down on June 26

So, YouTube Stories, a feature similar to disappearing messages on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. It will be shut down by Google starting on June 26, 2023. This move aims to prioritize YouTube Shorts and boost user engagement.

And, Launched in 2018, YouTube Stories allowed creators to share bts updates, vlogs, and quick posts. However, mixed feedback from users and creators led to the decision to discontinue the feature.

YouTube Stories to Shut Down

Now, YouTube noticed that Stories had lower assuming rates compared to community posts, which generate more comments and likes. As a result, YouTube will focus on expanding access to community posts and investing in YouTube Shorts. And, the platform will incorporate popular elements from Stories into community posts, including editing tools and posts that disappear after 24 hours.

The growing popularity of Shorts among creators has driven this shift in focus. YouTube aims to support creators’ success by investing in tools that connect them with their audiences across various formats.

And, creators who regularly used Stories will receive notifications about the disclosure through YouTube Studio, Help Center content, and a Creator Insider video. After June 26, new Stories cannot be created, but existing ones will remain live for seven days.

YouTube reassures users of its commitment to developing new and innovative tools to facilitate creator growth. And, the platform’s future vision revolves around investing in features that show promise for user engagement. Such as Shorts and community posts.


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