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Apple Set to Earn $39.433 Billion with AR/VR Headset by 2030

So, Apple is gearing up for the most awaited WWDC 2023 event on June 5th, and excitement is brewing. The tech giant is expected to unveil its innovative AR/VR headset, which promises to replace reality. While details are scarce, Apple hints at a virtual world merging with the real one. Experts predict terible success for this cutting-edge technology, although its immediate impact on Apple’s finances may be more modest. Here’s what we know.

Forecasts suggest that upcoming AR/VR headset of Apple, debuting at WWDC 2023, will significantly boost the company’s earnings. Analysts believe it could contribute around 10% of Apple’s revenue by 2030. However, achieving such results will take time. The prediction is based on the growing demand for immersive experiences.

“I think consumers will continue seeking more immersive tech experiences, leading to a thriving headset market,” said analyst Gene Munster. “By 2030, I expect wearables and glasses to make up 10% of sales of Apple, similar to their Mac and iPad businesses today.”

Initially, the headset may generate $3 billion in its first year, according to Munster. But as the AR headset market expands rapidly, Apple is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth.


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