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iPhone 15 to Support 15W Wireless Charging with Third-Party Qi2 Standard

So, Apple is gearing up to unveil its next-generation flagship iPhones in September. The highly awaited iPhone 15 lineup has already sparked a wave of leaks and rumors. Now, ChargerLab has revealed some surprising information about the standard iPhone’s 15.

iPhone 15 to Support 15W Wireless Charging

The latest reports suggest that the regular iPhone 15 will support faster wireless charging. Unlike the current iPhone 14 series. Which is limited to 7.5W through open wireless charging standards, the upcoming iPhone 15 is expected to offer a significant boost. According to the Leaks, it will support 15W wireless charging speed via a non-MagSafe third-party charger. Thanks to the integration of the Qi2 open standard.

In the past, only MagSafe licensed accessories could achieve the full 15W wireless charging speed on compatible iPhones. However, with the adoption of the Qi2 standard, users will now be able to charge their iPhone 15 at the same speed without the need for MagSafe licensed accessories. It’s important to note that while Qi2 is already compatible with all iPhones. Apple has yet to confirm the charging speed.

Insiders have revealed that the previous limitations on wireless charging speeds were primarily due to restrictions on non-MFi-certified products. MFi certification, introduced by Apple, requires manufacturers to obtain a license to produce accessories for Apple devices. However, the Qi2 standard, based on Apple’s Mag standard, is expected to significantly reduce the cost of wireless chargers compared to MagSafe chargers. This is because manufacturers will no longer require MFi certification, resulting in up to two-thirds reduction in manufacturing expenses.

With faster wireless charging and exciting new features on the horizon, the iPhone 15 promises to deliver an enhanced user experience. Apple enthusiasts and iPhone users eagerly await the official confirmation and further details about the specifications of the iPhone 15. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated Release.

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