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Google Pixel 8 Series Detailed Camera Specs Leaked – What To Expect?

A recent leak from an inside source at Google has given us a sneak peek at the cameras on the upcoming Pixel 8 series. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will have improved 50MP main camera sensors. Replacing the ones found in the previous Pixel 7 series.

Leaked Google Pixel 8 Series Detailed Camera Specs

According to the leak, the Pixel 8 will keep the 12MP Sony IMX386 ultrawide camera sensor from the previous model. However, the field of view will be slightly wider this time. And, it will have a 0.55x zoom ratio, compared to 0.67x on the Pixel 7.

Moving on to the Pixel 8 Pro, it will feature a new 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor for the ultrawide lens with a 0.49x zoom ratio. The Pro model will also retain the 48MP Samsung GM5 telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom. Additionally, it will include an 8×8 sensor time of flight (ToF) VL53L8 sensor, which will help improve autofocus performance.

Google Pixel 8 Series camera details

Both Pixel 8 phones will continue to have the 11MP Samsung 3J1 front-facing cameras. The leak also confirms that the Pixel 8 Pro will exclusively have a thermometer sensor, using the Melexis MLX90632 body temperature sensor.

Regarding camera software, the Pixel 8 series will introduce new features. One of them is the adaptive torch, which adjusts the LED flash intensity to prevent overexposure in low-light conditions. Another feature is scene segmentation, allowing selective AI processing for different parts of images. Cinematic mode videos will benefit from a new bokeh blur selection tool.

To sum up, the leaked information about the Google Pixel 8 series camera specifications reveals exciting improvements. With upgraded sensors, wider field of view, powerful zoom capabilities, and new software features, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro aim to deliver an exceptional photography experience. As we anticipate their official release, it is evident that Google is committed to providing users with top-notch smartphone photography.

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