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Leaks Suggests: iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Launch Thinnest Bezels Yet: Get a Sneak Peek!

Leaks and Rumors Surrounding the iPhone 15 Pro Max's Camera Capabilities, Design, and Chipset, Revealed!

As the launch date for the iPhone 15 series draws closer, rumors and leaks about the device continue to circulate online. The latest leaks suggest that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature the thinnest bezels yet seen on an iPhone.

According to Ice Universe, a well-known leaker with a proven track record of accurate predictions, the bezels on the new device will be even thinner than those found on the current iPhone 14 Pro Max, as well as Xiaomi 13, which currently holds the record for the thinnest bezels at just 1.81mm.

Curved Bezels for an Apple Watch-like Look

Ice Universe has posted an image of an iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector, alongside a render of what the device would look like. Both images suggest that the phone will have beautiful, thin bezels. Additionally, the new device will feature curved bezels for an Apple Watch-like look, a claim that was previously made by reliable leaker ShrimpApplePro.

Improved Camera Capabilities and More

While thin bezels alone may not make a phone a top flagship, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to feature several other improvements over its predecessor. The device will likely feature a larger 48MP main camera, which could outshine even the best Android camera phones on the market. Additionally, the Pro Max is highly likely to include a periscope camera, which would provide users with even more advanced camera capabilities.

New Chipset and Programmable Action Button

Here, The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are also rumored to feature a new chipset, with some reports suggesting that the devices could use Apple’s upcoming A17 chip. The phones are also expected to switch from the traditional mute switch to a programmable action button. In terms of design, the Pro models could feature a titanium frame and be slightly less wide and tall than their predecessors, but 5% thicker. However, this reduced thickness could result in a less protrusive camera setup.

Dispel of Solid-State Volume and Power Buttons

Unfortunately, rumors that the phones would feature solid-state volume and power buttons have been dispelled due to higher costs and manufacturing complexity. The iPhone 15 series is expected to be announced in September.

So, the iPhone 15 Pro Max leaks suggest that the device will have the thinnest bezels yet seen on an iPhone, in addition to several other improvements over its predecessor. Apple fans and tech enthusiasts alike can look forward to the release of this new device, which promises to push the boundaries of smartphone technology even further.


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