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Nothing OS 2.0, designed for enhanced productivity and minimalism

Nothing Phone 2 is launching soon with a new curved design. We spoke with Mladen M. Hoyss, the Software Creative Director at Nothing, to learn about the upcoming Nothing OS 2.0.

Nothing OS 2.0

Hoyss wants to combine the best parts of Android to make things easier for users. Nothing partnered with Blloc in March 2023, bringing Hoyss and his team on board. They worked on Blloc’s Zero 18 Android phone and Ratio launcher before joining Nothing. Blloc’s focus on productivity and minimalism continues to influence Hoyss’ work.

Hoyss wants the home screen to show personal interests and important information without scrolling too much. Nothing aims to offer ready-to-use options that work well.

The collaboration between the OxygenOS developers and Blloc developers at Nothing is going well. They want to provide excellent performance and make users happy.

Nothing OS 2.0 is all about making data easier to understand. It will have a visually pleasing and data-rich user experience. After launching Nothing OS 2.0 this summer, the company will give more updates on its compatibility with the original Nothing Phone.

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