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Android 14 Beta 3 Unveils New Features for Enhanced User Experience

So, Google has released the latest version of Android, called Android 14 Beta 3. This update brings several new features and focuses on privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization. Also, It aims to enhance the experience on tablets and foldable devices and ensures Platform Stability.

Android 14 Beta

Android 14 Beta 3 is specifically designed for app developers and privacy enthusiasts. It includes final developer APIs and app-facing behaviors for seamless integration. The Android team appreciates the feedback they received during the development process. Exciting features in this update include non-linear font scaling, improved privacy with partial access to photos and videos, gesture navigation with animation support, and compatibility with OpenJDK 17 LTS. Developers can confidently create and release compatibility updates with Platform Stability. The update also ensures a smooth app experience for users when Android 14 is released.

Early testing is crucial for SDKs, libraries, tools, and game engines to avoid compatibility issues. Developers are promptly notified when compatible updates are available for their applications. Testing on Android 14 Beta 3 involves installing the app and reviewing its functionality for any issues. Notable changes include non-linear font scaling and partial media access across different applications.

Android 14 emphasizes privacy by displaying an app’s data-sharing practices in the runtime permission dialog. Users can update their preferences accordingly. Resolving issues with libraries and SDKs is possible by updating to the latest versions and seeking developer support. After publishing a compatible app version, developers need to update the targetSdkVersion. Paying attention to foreground service types and OpenJDK 17 updates is important. Developers can test on partner devices or use 64-bit Android Emulator system images for Pixel devices. They can also enroll in the Android 14 Beta program for over-the-air updates.

While Android’s 14 Beta 3 introduces exciting features, it’s important to see if the update is bug-free and doesn’t cause any inconveniences. Beta users can enjoy the limited-duration features provided with this update.


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