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OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme break away from BBK Electronics, Becomes Independent Brands

So, Chinese smartphone brands OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme are now becoming independent companies, separating from their parent company, BBK Electronics. This change comes as the Indian Government aims to tighten regulations on Chinese tech giants due to illegal business practices such as customs violations, money laundering, and tax evasion.

OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme Are No Longer With BBK Electronics

Oppo, one of the brands, recently faced allegations of evading customs duty worth a massive 4,389 crores INR (about 531 million US Dollars) in India. As a result, the authorities froze Oppo’s bank accounts, which held 2,082 crore INR. This had a significant impact on Oppo’s operations in India and also affected BBK Electronics, which distributed OnePlus and Realme products in the region.

To address these issues, BBK Electronics has decided to establish separate legal entities for each brand. OnePlus and Realme will now operate as independent companies in India. This move aims to reduce risks and ensure that each brand operates separately. OnePlus and Realme are currently looking for new contract manufacturers and establishing individual contracts with retailers and distributors.

And, this change means that OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme are no longer sibling brands under the BBK Electronics umbrella. Means, they can now make decisions independently and pursue their own goals also. This move allows them to navigate the competitive smartphone market and meet the unique needs of their customers.

In conclusion, OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme are breaking away from BBK Electronics to become independent companies. This decision is driven by increased scrutiny from the Indian Government and aims to address allegations of illegal business practices. The brands will now operate separately, enabling them to chart their own paths in the smartphone industry.

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