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Twitter Restricts DMs to Non-Followers for Blue Subscribers Only

So, Twitter is making a change that will only allow people who subscribe to Twitter’s Blue tick to send direct messages (DMs) to those who don’t follow them. This move is in response to the increasing problem of spam and AI bots infiltrating DMs. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, confirmed this and said that the update will be released soon.

The restriction on DMs means that only Twitter’s Blue tick users will have the ability to send messages to people who are not following them. This is aimed at stopping AI bots and reducing spam on the platform. Twitter is also considering limiting the number of DMs that non-Blue users can send each day. Currently, users can send up to 500 DMs per day, but this could be reduced to as low as 30 for non-verified accounts.

Elon Musk’s announcement received mixed reactions. Many users welcomed the change as it will help reduce spam, which can sometimes contain harmful links. However, some marketers and influencers who rely on direct marketing were not happy with the decision.

Twitter has been actively promoting Blue tick and encouraging users to sign up for the subscription service. In addition to the DM restriction, Twitter’s Blue offers features like the ability to edit tweets, longer tweets, and the option to undo tweets. The service costs Rs 650 per month for web users and Rs 900 per month for mobile users.

In summary, Twitter is introducing a new update that will limit DMs to non-followers for Twitter Blue subscribers only. This is an effort to combat spam and AI bots on the platform. The change received a mixed response from users, and some marketers and influencers have expressed concerns. Twitter Blue offers exclusive features and is available for a monthly fee.

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